What is Tagging? (Start Here!)

Do you know what tags are and how to use them to your benefit?

Should you care about tags?

The answer.



Visibility – plain and simple.

Our shared story

Like any author, you’ve spent months, perhaps years writing your novel. Hours of writing and re-writing, conversations with your editor, discussions over format and typesetting, more editing, self doubt, cover design, back blur, reviews, placement, on and on. Now it’s published but how do you get that visibility that will translate into book sales? You may have written the next Harry Potter but without marketing how will anyone know? Even if your book is in brick and mortar stores, it’s likely you’re not getting prime placement on an end cap – so you have to hope someone spots the spine of the book, pulls it off the shelf, reads the blurb and decides to buy. Lots left to chance in this scenario with over 80,000 books published a year.

Online, Amazon is king.

The Holy Grail – bestseller lists or maybe the “movers and shakers” list. Tough for any author to hit especially with over 5,000,000 books on Amazon. And if you hit the bestseller list, well, you really don’t have to worry about visibility. What about the other 4 million plus books out there?

The key – book “tags”.

For each book, an Amazon customer can place “tags” which they think describes the book (e.g., “great read”, “summer fun”, etc.). As you enter these tags, a drop down box will appear that actually shows you the different tags and how often they have been used. For example the tag “memoir” has been used for over 4300 products. Perhaps you’ve written a memoir and tagged it as such. You are now in the pile with all of the other 4300 products. Tough to get visibility this way – or is it?

Customer communities

Something interesting happens as tags are created – customer communities are created related to these tags. If you click on the tag “memoir”, you’ll be taken to the Amazon “memoir” customer community home page. There you’ll find products, discussion boards, lists and guides, images – all items related to the tag “memoir”. At the top of the page, are the top five most popular products in the “memoir” category. As I’m writing this, “Eat, Pray, Love” is #1. This makes sense, it’s a very good and popular book. Wouldn’t it be great to have your book on this page?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your book be on page 5?

Where’s Bob Dole? Not on page 5…

Did you know Bob Dole has a memoir – “One’s Soldier’s Story?” When I first looked, I found this book on page 247 (or ranked 1235). I was surprised, Bob Dole’s a pretty popular figure and here his book is basically nowhere to be found on this list.

The cool part – no sales required!

Here’s where the cool part comes in. I went ahead and tagged his book with the tag “memoir”. Suddenly, his book has two tags, he jumped from page 247 to page 123 (rank – 615, a huge jump)!

Amazing – no additional book sales at all – just a simple tag. It was then I learned that the top books on these pages are not based on sales (at least for now), but rather by how many times customers tag them with the same term. The limitation – the same customer can use the same tag only one time for a particular book. So I couldn’t keep tagging Bob Dole “memoir” and move his book up – I only get one vote.

The bottom line!

So what does all this mean?

If you could find 270 people to tag your book “memoir”, you would take over the top spot on the memoir page and be the first book everyone sees when they visit this community (which by the way has over 6000 customers associated with it).

That’s pretty good visibility.

However, you can’t do this alone, and finding 270 friends to help out is tough.

How this website can help!

Why this website? To help you achieve this goal!

Harnessing the power of the internet, we can all help each other. Here’s how:

  • If you would like everyone who visits this page to help “tag” your book and help move you up in a customer community you have targeted, click on the “Submit Your Book” page to learn more and submit your book for “tagging”.
  • To help others, click on the “Tag You’re It!” page and follow the directions there.

This only works if we help each other out! So visit this page often to learn of new books and tag them appropriately.

I’ll feature a few books each week depending on volume of requests.

There are some rules, however, which I are described on the “Submit Your Book” page.

How to choose the best tags? – Click Here!

106 responses to “What is Tagging? (Start Here!)

  1. This also makes it easier for the lucky customer who knows their favourite genres!

  2. Very informative and helpful! I’ve been following this thread on GoodReads which is where I found out about your blog. I guess it’s time to “play tag” with fellow authors and with my cookbooks (Norene’s Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Helpings and The Food Processor Bible). Thanks so much!

    Norene Gilletz, Cookbook Author
    http://www.gourmania.com – my world revolves around food and recipes!

  3. Great job I’d love to have you guest blog on my site — contact me.

  4. Reed Critchfield

    Very good information. For a novice such as myself this was extremely helpful.

  5. Thank you for the information on tags. It is refreshing to find helpful information to help further an authors work.

  6. Brilliant idea. I’ll be tweeting about this.

    Vikram Narayan
    Online Book Marketing Technology for Authors

  7. Great info, Todd. I appreciate your willingness to pass it along. Visit my blog and post, if you like!
    Best wishes,
    Jerry Watson
    The Antiquarian Chronicles
    to be released on May 12th, 2009

  8. I want to report a success story without giving too many details. I don’t want to jinx it before it really comes to fruition. I submitted my book nine days ago for tagging. Yesterday I received an email from a national publication that focuses on one of my tags. They want to review my book for possible inclusion in their publication. I asked how they learned of my book. They said they were browsing on Amazon. My book is the number one book for that particular tag.

    Thanks to all of you who tagged, and will tag. Now I need to get busy catching up with the new submissions.

  9. Thanks for the information. I need all the help I can get! “The Savvy Vehicle Buyer,” is my first book so my experience with marketing is limited. Please review at Amazon.com. My blog at http://www.grist4themill.com offers a brief review of my book. Any suggestions you have will be appreciated. Thanks again, Dan Turpen

  10. Thanks so much, Todd.
    Fantastic idea!

    For everyone who would additionally like to exchange amazon.com reviews, feel free to sign up on: http://bookreviewclub.webs.com

    Co-author of “Everything twitter”

  11. I found out about this site on Goodreads, and wow, what a fabulous idea! 🙂

  12. Bob

    I have a question (sorry if this is the wrong place).

    In the “Tag This Product” part of the screen, there is “your tags” and then a “…be the first to ‘SUGGEST’…” under “help others find this product”. Which choice should I use to enter tags for other authors?

  13. Title: “Wll love justify everything?”
    Subtitle: Does love overcome the injustices of life?
    Author Lorraine Gokul
    When Susan Haden, accepts the job in Durban, her passion for the beach, leaves her raped, pregnant and emotionally tortured. Due to her tenacious mother Lydia, and strong religious beliefs, she faces the daunting task of having the baby.
    Six years later, she falls in love and marries handsome Jake Stanton, keeping her past a secret. On their honeymoon, a horrible truth about him reveals itself, awakening her painful past; will her love for him trangress all odds? Does love overcome the injustices of life or “will love justify everything?”
    Read! This emotionally gripping and captivating story, which tells of lies, deceit, crime, romance, love, hate and hurt.

  14. Hi Lorraine! Would you let me know what tags you want for your book “Will love justify everything?” Thanks!

  15. Hey Todd,

    Why can’t I find my posts? I can’t find my book submission here either.

    Please advise.


  16. Sorry, I may have done this once, but I got an error message. I am very new to tagging and don’t really understand it. My book is entitled, “Staying Afloat in the Bathtub Business.” It is a how to book on breaking into the bathtub refinishing business. It might be of interest to someone looking for a trade or home-based business idea. What do I do here?

  17. I’ve been tagging others books, hope that they will do the same for me.
    Does anyone know HOW someone can bring their book up in Amazon’s search engines when someone is searching a general subject. What I mean is….My book LAPPING IT UP is written about cat food. If someone goes into amazon and types in cat food recipes..my book comes up on like the 10th page. No one is going to look thru that many pages to purchase a cat food recipe…any ideas?

  18. Hi everyone,
    Would you folks do me a favor? I finished tagging all the way up to October 2009, which hasn’t been posted yet, but didn’t see my book listed. It came out in Sept. also. My tags are still pretty low compared to all the others.
    Now for the favor. I recently reissued through Lightning Source and it is now showing on amazon, but so far only has the tags I put on. Would you please help me out and tag it? Also, my Kindle version isn’t doing well at all. Any help would be profoundly appreciated.
    I really apologize. I’m unable to find a way to make this a hyper link. I’m on a Mac and have Firefox.
    Thanks for all of your help.

  19. Well for crying outloud, when I posted it added the hyperlink for me! Thanks, Todd!

  20. Hi, Stan
    I didn’t see the astronomy and spirituality tags on your UK site, so I added them.

  21. Hi everyone,
    As I mentioned I have tagged all of the ones up to and including September. If I missed anyone, please let me know. Also, I requested that you please tag my new LS edition of Evil Moon. So far, no one has. I would really appreciate it. here is the link.
    Thank You,

  22. Dear TG,
    I printed my first edition through createspace. I can only tell you that my 586 pg. novel had to be priced at $24.99 They do not allow you to set your own price. Plus, my proof when it came, was coming loose already around the edges of the cover. They do not offer the extensive channels of distribution of say Lightning Source. Nor, do they list you with Bowker’s books in print. On the flip side, they are helpful and give you help when you request it for uploading your files.

  23. Hi everyone,
    I have a request. Could you, would you, please tag my new edition (LS) of Evil Moon? It is the one with the eyes hovering over the dark highway. the link is as follows http://www.amazon.com/EVIL-MOON-Harrison-Ray/dp/061532536X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1256486567&sr=1-1 I have done everyone’s, I’m fairly sure, but if I some how missed yours, I apologize. Just let me know and I will be sure to get it.

  24. Hey Todd,
    What gives? I have tagged every page on here that I have found, and yet my novel ‘Evil Moon’ is nowhere to be seen? I submitted it way back in early September, 2009. Could you please check on it? I know i gets tagged (not very much) but I still haven’t seen hide nor hair of any of the versions available.

  25. Lycan,
    Sorry about your book not being posted yet. I remember the original posting but couldn’t find the tags. Can you tell me the tags again and I”ll post today?

  26. Hey Todd,
    Thank you for your prompt attention to the problem. I’d be happy to supply my favored tags. They are werewolf horror, evil, full moon, lycanthropy, horror fiction and crime drama. I also like your new cover! I have tagged you again.

  27. I joined today and at this point I need some help! I went online (Amazon) and tagged 25 books, I’ve read everything I can and just received an email from Stan saying he’d “given me two columns and I hope you reciprocate in kind.” I’m not clear on what he is saying. I thought I had done everything I was supposed to do.

    Please inform me.

  28. Hi, Peggy
    It looks like you missed tagging three of my books.
    When you get a chance, could you tag them?

    It’s Up to You…What Do You Do?
    Tags: character education, moral choices, moral values

    Keepin’ It Real: A Young Teen Talks With God
    Tags: Christian teens, Christian youth, Christian girls

    Me, Myself, and I: Youth Meditations for Grades Five through Eight
    Tags: Christian youth, devotionals, youth devotionals


  29. Sandy,
    Welcome aboard. I just tagged your book and will tag your Kindle soon. Hope it sells a bunch.

    Hey everybody,
    Have I offended you somehow and didn’t know it? I checked my tags for ‘Evil Moon’ (it’s on the first page of tag you’re it!) and the tags are very low. Sandy just got on and has like three times as many. Way to go Sandy! Please raise my numbers? All that are available like I do.

  30. Deshon Fox

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for tagging my new book, The Middle Theory: A Guide to Balance. Someone asked about my requested tags. They are as follows: balance, change, enlightening, spiritual.

    Please also visit http://www.themiddletheory.com to learn more.

    Happy tagging!


  31. peggyheadings

    Sandra ,
    Sorry about that. I got you done.


  32. Hi Todd, I have two questions. When I first started tagging from this site I tagged under another log in name on amazon, now I am trying to tag under my own name because I don’t want people to think I am not tagging their books. Does it matter if it is under my own log in name or an alias? Second, Maybe I am looking in the wrong place on the site, but it seems only a few people have an amazon link directly back to the page they want tagged…which makes it so much easier. Under what heading should I look if I just want to see their amazon links and desired tags? Thanks, Brett R. Williams

    Please advise.

  33. Hello everyone! Thanks so much for all the tags on the paperback version of my novel, The Bum Magnet. Unfortunately, I didn’t list my Kindle version before, so I’m listing it now.

    Real estate agent Charisse Tyson seems to have it all-a great job, a dream car, and a McMansion in high-and-mightyville. Everything in her life is just right…except the Mister. While lamenting the break-up with her most recent “the one” during a holiday meltdown, Charisse realizes she has a type when it comes to men—players, players, and more players. A magazine article motivates her to swear off men and examine the complex roots of her romantic fiascos.

    Laugh loud and often as Charisse discovers whether her choices reflect something more than a penchant for good looks, great sex, and bad judgment.

    Tags: Chick lit, humor, womens fiction


  34. Hi Folks,
    I just wanted to ask if you would please tag my Kindle version of ‘Evil Moon?’ I have tagged everyone including the ones who show up in my E-mail. Please do me the same kindness. Also, please tag all the boxes. That’s what I do for you. Here is the link.

  35. Hi Todd,
    I wonder if you would do me the honor of reviewing my book ‘Evil Moon.’ When I first published it with createspace, I put it in for review. This was back in Sept. So far, no one has looked at it. Now that I have published it through lightning source and it’s even better in format and polishing, I still have had no sales. Could you, if you can find the time, review it please? I would be so grateful. Thanks.

  36. Just posted a review for Sorceress (TMBOA recommended!). Great read – check it out here!

  37. Hi everyone,
    May I ask a favor? I appreciate the tags on my book, but could you also tag my Kindle version? It needs help badly. Thanks!

  38. Hi everyone,
    thanks to all who have been tagging my paperback version of ‘Evil moon.” I still badly need tags on my Kindle version. Please?
    I would really appreciate it. I have tagged everyone I know of so far. If you feel I have missed any of you, let me know.

  39. Really good post. With your permission, I would like to re-publish it on my association’s website http://www.redhenassoication.com. Of course I would provide full credit and link.

  40. Sorry, I see that there is a typo in the website, it should be http://www.redhenassociation.com. instead.

  41. Yes, of course Bill.
    Also, Jim and TG, I have one word to add. AMEN.

  42. Brett,
    You should look on the “Tag You’re It” page for all tags using the books image to go directly to their amazon page. I usually copy all the tags before opening a new tab to their Amazon page and paste the words into the tag box – this is the fastest way to tag the requested tags from the author versus random checking of boxes…

  43. I have ben tagging other peoples books with some regularity, although I have been away for 3 weeks on holiday and so have a gap. Some folks have returned the favour, but I am losing out at a ratio of about 3:1. My tags have increased to about 10 per category, while I have tagged 27+
    My books are readily found on Amazon.com & the Canadian site Amazon.ca under Haigh Lions and Haigh Rhinos. Does anyone have some tips on how to redress the imbalance?

  44. Todd,
    I failed to include my amazon link on my submission. I posted it later. Should I send a new one?
    I appreciate all that you do here.


  45. Hi –
    Thanks to all who have tagged A TruthWorth Tellin’. Those of you that have a chance – I’d appreciate your tag. I’m taggin on this snowy (!) day in Houston.

    coming of age, family drama, friendship


  46. Hi,

    I’ve tagged:
    Leslie Richardson
    Vanessa Richardson
    K. Hendrickson
    Jo Moore
    K. A. Okagaki
    S. Cupp Pennington
    Peggy Williams
    Joseph Schatz
    Don Light
    Regina Pacelli

    Please tag my book. Thank you!

  47. ken miller

    Todd – or anyone: do we know how often Amazon customers go to the “tag communities” to look for books?

    And is there something we can encourage Amazon to do, to increase the use of these communities?

  48. Todd – or anyone: do we know how often Amazon customers go to the “tag communities” to look for books?

    Ken, the best way to tell how active a customer community created by a tag is to see how many “discussions” there are in that community and how often posts come on those discussion boards associated with a tag.

    I hope that made sense! If not, let me know!

  49. Hi guys! I think I’m all caught up. If not and I missed someone, please let me know. In the meantime, please tag my kindle version at

  50. Team,

    I’ve now updated the blog to include all December US submissions, deleted a number of old comments (hopefully the page will load faster), and I took the “shelf my book offline” (just not enough participation). I haven’t gotten to the UK site yet but will over the next few days. I also limited the archives to about 9 months so that aren’t as many books to tag but have moved any books forward to this month from those folks who are still active in the site from over a year ago.

    Please tag the December and older books by following the “Tag You’re It” link: https://tagmybookonamazon.wordpress.com/tag-my-book/. Also, if you haven’t tagged The Time Cavern new edition – I’d appreciate a tag or two. Thanks everyone. More updates to come!


  51. When tagging a book on amazon, do you just need to put a check in the box, or do you need to do something in addition to that?

  52. Hey Todd,
    A follow up on your great review of my novel ‘Evil Moon.’ I was just wondering, is there anyway I could have it posted on http://www.barnesandnoble.com as well? If that’s a problem for any reason, I totally understand. Just thought it worth asking. Thanks again.
    Harrison Ray

  53. Harrison,
    Happy to post on B&N. Will do today!

  54. Todd,
    Oh, that is so cool! Thank you so very much!
    Your friend,
    Harrison Ray

  55. Greetings! I just had my first novel, Run For Your Life, published. It can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,etc. In trying to promote it I came across your site and hope you can help. Although the story features alligators most of the action takes place in a mobile home park near Sarasota involving its residents. It is a titillating tale filled with adventure, suspense, mystery and romance which should appeal to a vast audience and could be tagged as diversified, exciting, and informative

  56. Dear Todd,
    Hi, and thank you again for the great review on Evil Moon. I wonder if I could impose on you to do the copy on Barnes and Noble that we discussed? Also, I have an even larger favor to ask. I was hoping to gain your kind permission to use the Evil Moon review in the front of my new book, Scardy Cat? I want to keep promoting Evil Moon when Scardy Cat goes into publishing. Please let me know in writing if that would be okay with you?
    Best Regards,
    Harrison Ray

  57. Hi, again!
    Thought you might want to learn more about my novel, Run For Your Life:
    Thanks for your interest.
    P. B. LaSalle

  58. Hey Harrison
    I did post on Barnes and Noble (comes up under “Fonsecat” here). Let me know if you need it posted somewhere else.

    Also, please feel free to use my review in your new book! Good luck!

  59. Hi Todd,
    Yes, I am so sorry! I did see it there. I don’t know what I was thinking. Duh! Thanks for your permission. I have a different E-mail now, and I did post it on the account. The problem is that someone hacked into my E-mail account at yahoo, and that wascally wabbit sent out a lot of erroneous E-mails to my contact list. They had an attachment that contained a phishing virus. I copied everyone’s address onto paper and then placed all into my new contact list. The new one is lycanmoonwolf@mail.com

  60. I’m all caught up on tagging. Looks like some great new books out there! I like the new lists. I’m under November.

    You can find The Cure at:

    Tags: Medical Thriller, Action, Mystery, Adventure

  61. Antoine,

    I tagged all your amazon.com category tags. These should improve visibility of your book.

    If you have a moment, please tag my first 15 tags:


    Many tanks,

    Jim Powell

  62. My apologies, Joyce, I was on the wrong J. A. amazon page.

  63. I just joined this group yesterday and am still trying to learn the ropes. I find it very confusing to know and understand what is expected of me and how to keep track of what is being done. I clicked on the link that allows me to be e-mailed as comments are added and I see some e-mails coming in today but still do not know what to do in response. Am I to respond by tagging those who comment? And how do I keep track of what books I have tagged? It seems that I would be attempting to re-tag those who comment more than once.
    How do I know how many times and who has tagged my book? Is it just watching the total on my book page at Amazon?
    I am still trying to read through all the material on the site but am not understanding a lot of it.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  64. Clifford,

    Welcome aboard. Go to the “Submit Your Book!” and follow the directions, so that we can start tagging your book. Next go to the “Tag: You’re It!” page and begin tagging. Books. Once you have done those books, then you can work through the past archives month by month. There are about 900 books to tag. It can be done in a day.

    Since, I’m already writing a message, let me sat that here is the URL for my book: Just tag the first 15 tags, if you please:


    Best of luck,


  65. Thanks for the clarification, Jim. I believe I tagged yours and started on a few others correctly. Here’s the url for my book. I added a couple of more tags to it.


  66. Hi, Todd,
    I sure would appreciate a review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble for my novel,Run For Your Life.
    How do I do this?
    P. B. LaSalle

  67. Jim, you are tagged along with the January & February submissions.

  68. how can you tell if your books has been tag?

  69. Todd,
    I just came across this archived blog post from LibraryThing analyzing the importance of tags on Amazon.com. It’s about 3 years old and a little obsolete, but fascinating nonetheless when studying the evolution of Amazon’s tags system.
    You’ve probably already seen it, but for those who want to read up on the history of Amazon tags, here’s the link.


  70. Tagged April. I’ll do May in June so I can get them all done at once.

  71. I am still trying to get my book on the tagging circuit. I am not sure I am any closer. I do not hang out on the computer so if anyone has a step by step process for older authors please send it.

    Jeff Crimmel

  72. P.Q. Glisson

    Hey everyone!
    I’m new to this site. I found it in one of my groups on goodreads.
    Lycan, I tagged your book, Evil Moon. I hope it’s selling well. It looks great! I’m going to mark it on my goodreads page and recommend it to all my friends.
    I would appreciate it if you would tag my book, Her Sanctuary which I self-published in January 2010. It’s getting great reviews. I posted my amazon link on this site.
    Thanks again Todd and I am going to get the word out about this site. I’ve got a few author friends who might be interested.

  73. The Path that Gets Brighter
    After the loss of her mother, author Deborah Brodie found that she had many questions about mortality and what purpose the Lord had for her. As a result of her journey out of darkness and into the Light, The Path that Gets Brighter will answer the questions most people are asking, “What is my purpose, identity, and destiny in life?”

    Requested tags, Christian Inspiration, Scripture, Prayer

  74. Hi, all,

    I submitted the Kindle edition of my book a few months ago (April, I believe), but The Merry-Go-Round is now available in paperback and I could use some tags. Here’s a link:

    I would like to focus on the tags:
    romance, womens fiction, chick lit

    If you haven’t tagged the Kindle version, you can do so here (with the same tags): http://www.amazon.com/The-Merry-Go-Round-ebook/dp/B002ZNJL78

    I’ve been tagging and I’ll continue to tag! Thanks so very much.


  75. Hope this is the right place for getting my book tagged. The title is “The Witch of Greenwich Village.”
    Description: In the tradition of The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby,The Other, Burnt Offerings and other genre straddling works The Witch of Greenwith Village marries romance to the occult and spices the union with mystery, suspense and sex.”

  76. Woops! Forgot to list tags:

  77. Congratulations on this site! I think it’s wonderful that writers support each other. My book “Read Me – I Am Magical” would really appreciate it if you tagged it “self-help” 🙂


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  79. I would love to tag other’s books. I am not sure even how to go about submitting my book, though. I need explicit instructions. I filled out this information on the ‘submit your book’ page. Is that all that’s required? How do I tag other’s books? Do I go to amazon?
    Jeff Bigger aka Sawyer N. Winter
    Author of Marakellus Marakellum
    Subtitled Rodger’s Folly
    A not-too-serious-glimpse at the history of a future.

  80. When I get e-mails saying someone responded to a message, does that mean they tagged it?

  81. Jeff,
    I’ve posted your book on the “tag you’re it” page.
    Please visit the home page of the site and click on “new to the site” post and follow the instructions there to make sure you are tagging other author’s books as well.

  82. “Gut wrenching and heart rending,”

    “A tender coming-of-age love story”

    ” At the end of the read one feels both hope and admiration for the human spirit.”

    From desperate despair, to unforgettable moments of chaste beauty, “Jacob’s Courage” examines a constellation of emotions during a time of incomprehensible brutality.


  83. Author: Lori A. Moore

    Title: Grady the Gray Cat

    Link: http://www.amazon.com/Grady-Gray-Cat-Lori-Moore/dp/1617390488/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1290218501&sr=1-1

    Tags: cats, children’s book, adoption

    Description: Award-winning Louisville, KY Christian author, Lori A. Moore, has written her first children’s book for ages 2-6.

    Grady the Gray Cat.

    Grady is a little gray cat;
    Grady’s fur is gray, that’s why his mommy named him that;
    He isn’t too skinny and he isn’t too fat;
    And he lives in a home with two other cats.

  84. cweinblatt,
    could you submit your book on the “submit your book” page along with requested tags?

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  86. Mary A. Berger

    Please tag my new book, The Trouble with Mattie. Set in the hills of western North Carolina, it is a chick-oriented, cozy humorous mystery about the youthful, dynamic, comical (and recently widowed) Mattalie Morgan, a woman whose conniving stepdaughter places her in a crooked housing set-up for “needy” adults, and turns her world upside down. But, the housing owners are a bunch of sharks, who don’t care. Soon, the non-conventional Mattie rocks the place with covert kick-the-can games and protest parties, while battling the ranks and her stepdaughter, who flew the coop with Mattie’s estate money. Filled with comic antics, romance, quirky characters, and even crooks, The Trouble with Mattie will press every emotional button you possess.

    Suggested tags are: cozy mystery, humorous fiction, chick lit

    Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/Trouble-Mattie-Mary-Berger/dp/1453772308/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1294708407&sr=8-1

  87. Mary A. Berger

    I love this idea of tagging, etc. But how do I actually go about putting a “tag” on other authors’ works? Go to their book page? Thanks for your help!
    Mary A. Berger

  88. Please tag my collection of short horror/dark fantasy/urban fantasy stories, Spectre Nightmares and Visitations.
    Many things scare us. But the most fearful things are those that infect our nightmares and visitations. Monsters from the closet or from another planet. Ghosts that haunt more than houses. Werewolves are not the only shapeshifters to beware of. Children can be taken from more than the human kind of monsters. Even normal things can be the start of a heart-pounding terror. Prepare to step beyond the pages into Spectre Nightmares and Visitations.

    Just tell yourself that they’re only stories.


    Thank you–I’ve been tagging others.

  89. I have everyone tagged to-date! Reciprocal tags are always most welcome 🙂

    Here’s my link:


    Thanks, as always, for this, Todd!

    Rai Aren, co-author of the award-winning archaeology adventure novel SECRET OF THE SANDS

  90. Mike Brecon

    Would you please tag my suspense/thriller , A Dangerous Remedy, published by Synergebooks. Here is a brief summary :
    The owner of a multinational pharmaceutical company fears that the arrival on the market of a scientifically tested herbal medicine, shown to halt the onset of a common disease, will seriously damage his profits. He is so opposed to the new product that he sets out ruthlessly to destroy his competitor with extreme violence.

  91. Mike Brecon

    I did enter the required fields – Mike Brecon and mikebrecon.brecon@gmail.com Hope this will be OK.

  92. Mike Brecon

    I hope you will tag this.

  93. Thanks heeps, Mary, for tagging Beyond Nostalgia. I just went to tag your Kindle and I’ve been having a problem all day. Maybe Todd can help me out here. What happens is every time I go to tag there are no boxes showing up next to the tags. I promise, May, I’ll keep your email and as soon as this gets squared away I’ll getcha!

    Tags; Romance, Love, Redemption. http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Nostalgia-ebook/dp/B004N84VO6/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2

  94. Hi Todd, I am not sure if you received the information for my book to be a part of the tagging site- in the interium I figured out how to start tagging and have begun ;)- My Amazon name is: “LovingLife” so you will know that it is me.

    Please let me know if you recieved my book information to partcipate:

    Destined To Live, Despite Me – Biblical Truths For Suicide Survivors

  95. Please use the following tags –

    Attempted Suicide Survivor, Christianity, Inspirational

    Title: Destined To Live, Despite Me


    In the United States it is estimated that 91 people will commit suicide this very day. This is equivalent to one successful suicide every 16 minutes.

    Maybe a loved one or someone you know has attempted to take his or her own life? At some point perhaps you struggled with depression or the nagging thoughts to end it all? If so, please know that you are not alone.

    With warmth and wisdom, attempted suicide survivor and Bible study teacher Yolanda Shanks offers practical solutions and scriptural truths for the many painful questions attempted suicide survivors face:
    •Why me?
    •Does God still love me?
    •Will this pain last forever?
    •How can I shake the embarrassment, guilt, and shame from my past?
    •What’s needed to rebuild my life from here?

    While this book is not intended to replace medical counseling, Destined to Live, Despite Me is instead a powerful resource for those determined to live and find true joy, peace, hope, confidence, and freedom through meaningful, and deliberate living in Christ Jesus. Escape the shadows from your past and begin to build a new life according to God’s design today.

  96. Has anybody else noticed that their “Customers who viewed this also viewed this…” module shows all the books on this list for every book. In other words, every book I tag on Amazon recommends books from this list. I am starting to wonder if that is a hindrance. Even if I have a million tags, it must be that Amazon will also consider who my viewers are and pair me with books accordingly. That might also prevent from being paired with books that would help me sell.
    Who do I contact about this? What does everybody think about this?

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  98. Title: In Between Lies

    Just when things are going perfect for Savannah and Kevin, a blast from the past, hits the scene. Naomi, a revamped diva and budding actress, seizes the opportunity to enter into Kevin’s life and bed, reigniting a secret rendezvous that threatens his relationship.
    Kevin delights in having his cake and eating it too until Naomi decides that she wants more. Spurned, Naomi stops at nothing to stake her claim on what is hers, bringing lies, destruction, and deceit. Naomi, bent on revenge targets anyone that lies in her path. Shattered trust and betrayal is inevitable. Can their relationship survive Naomi?

    Amazon site:

    tags: urban fiction, romance, love

    blog page:

  99. Title: Intimate Illusions

    Naomi is back!

    What a woman will do in the name of love!

    After a bitter, destructive, and explosive parting with her former ex-lover, Kevin Styles, Naomi Saunders has no choice but to move on with her life. Kevin, equally happy and finally free of Naomi, is ready to move on as well. But before he does, he passes Naomi’s taped confession to his confidant, Attorney Winston Lane, with instructions to hold it just in case she shows up to wreck havoc in his life again.

    Naomi, torn with feelings of revenge and twisted love, decides to stay on the outskirts of Chicago…close to Kevin and the woman that came between them. In order for her to stay, she must take on a new persona and lifestyle that will enable her to sustain her lavish lifestyle she’d grown accustomed to living. Not wanting to go back to the struggling life she once endured before her short lived acting career, she makes a lifestyle changing move that hones her acting skills to perfection, proving she is the ultimate diva…or is she?

    amazon site:

    tags: urban fiction, romance, drama
    blog page: http://www.shawnarhill.blogspot.com

  100. P. B. LaSalle

    Hi, Todd:

    Long time no hear! I know you’re busy and doing well. Wanted you to know Run For Your Life by P. B. LaSalle is now on kindle! I’m over half-way through its sequel. I’ll let you know when I’m finished. Keep well.

  101. Charles C. Cordova

    What did I do wrong? I posted my name, the book’s title, and the link to my book (I don’t have a web page yet) — but this box, with nothing in it, still appears when I go to the bottom of this page. I’ve already tagged dozens and dozens of other people’s books, and will do many more, but what do I have to do to get my book listed?
    Here’s my info again:
    Author Name: Charles C. Cordova
    Book Title: Coffee at JJ’s: Solving the World’s Problems, One Donut at a Time
    Amazon.com Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0983187800/

  102. C.R. Cummings

    Charles, I’m having the same problems. No responses. Is the site dead? You can contact me at http://www.facebook.com/pages/CR-Cummings/163432647058040

  103. What a great idea. I submitted my book for tagging and I’m tagging for other authors that have posted here as well. It’s just as easy to agree with every tag they’ve listed on amazon as it is to agree with just three. A few extra clicks and you can really help an author out. Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity for authors to support each other.