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Book Review – Darlin’ Druid

Darlin’ Druid Title aside – this is a great book!!

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Author: Lyn Horner
Format: Kindle

After surviving the great Chicago fire, Jessie Delvin is haunted by visions of her future—a future she is compelled to find forcing her to leave home and join her brother’s journey west to find her destiny.  But the Wild West turns out to be just that and Jessie’s sharp tongue and fine feminine figure attract the attention of far too many brutish men.  Fortunately, Captain David Taylor, a Texan cattle rancher turned soldier saves Jessie from the clutches of a particularly unsavory character.  Immediately Jessie and David are passionately attracted to one another, but neither is what they other really wants—or so they think…

I’ll admit I was completely thrown by the title of this book.  If for some reason you are as well, “fuhgeddaboudit”!  This is an engaging, page turning, can’t put it down, don’t know where the time went, read.  In fact, when I received Horner’s book I had already started Steig Larsson’s “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”; having finished the first two books in Larsson’s series I was anxious to complete the third.  But I picked up Horner’s book and frankly the pace was so much faster and the book more engaging that I put best selling Hornet aside in favor of finishing Horner’s book.

The characters, love triangle and compelling plot line compete with the best in this genre.  This is a full force romance novel with some unique twists that readers are sure to enjoy.  I encourage readers to give it a try.  You won’t be disappointed!



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Book Review – The Merry-Go-Round

The Merry-Go-Round – Opposites Do Attract but do They Stay Together?

Rating: 4 of 5

Donna Fasano

A year after being financially ruined by her husband Greg, Lauren Flynn goes to court to fight for a divorce he will not give her.  The court not only grants her request, but to make up for her financial losses she is also awarded Greg’s only asset, a worthless plot of land complete with a rundown barn.  Unfortunately, Lauren’s expectations of moving forward with her life are quickly dashed when she learns the barn houses not only a merry-go-round in disrepair, but her ex-husband who would be otherwise homeless.  Soon Lauren’s life is much like the carnival ride, going backwards, going forwards, and most of the time just going in circles.

Donna Fasano’s Merry-Go-Round is an easy beach read about one woman’s search for happiness.  Her main character, Lauren, has unfortunately built up in her mind what she thinks her life should be like – much like one would build a resume for a career – versus understanding and admitting to herself what truly makes her happy.

I will admit that I didn’t understand why Lauren wanted to divorce Greg.  His hardware business does fail causing them financial difficulties and he doesn’t tell her until it is too late.  But he seems like a great guy.  He treats Lauren well, plans romantic surprises, can fix just about anything, is selfless, good looking, and is constantly helping others.  On balance, he seems like a great catch.

Oddly enough, my favorite characters were not Lauren and Greg; rather, Lauren’s father Lew and her co-worker Norma Jean resonated with me.  In many ways the evolution of their relationship was more endearing than the tumult between Lauren and Greg.  They both have the wisdom and confidence that comes with age and their honesty with others and themselves was refreshing.

Fasano also does a good job building romantic tension throughout the book keeping the pages turning which made for a very enjoyable read.  I look forward to her next offering!


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