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Book Review – Slow Love

Slow Love a Polynesian Pillow Book – Take Your Time and Enjoy One of Life’s Treasures!

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Author: James N. Powell
Format: Paperback

Imagine waking to the soft sounds of gentle waves rolling and crashing along a white sandy beach, crystal clear water, and food plentiful within a hands reach as a warm breeze caresses your skin.  For some this sounds like a perfect vacation where one can unwind, relax, and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  But what if this wasn’t a vacation?  What if this is where you lived?  Imagine a society raised isolated in paradise—no influence from the outside world and all around is beauty and the requisites for life are easily attained.  Without the day to day struggles for survival, life for early Polynesians was one to be savored and not rushed.  So too was their lovemaking.

In Slow Love, James Powell does a masterful job at interweaving Polynesian myths with reality taking the reader on a journey through history of their land and society both before and after the influence from Western Europe.  Throughout this journey, Powell informs on the techniques and benefits of taking one’s time while making love the Polynesian way.  I didn’t expect but was pleasantly surprised not only by the rich cultural history provided by the book, but also the scientific explanations involving neurochemical reactions that can practitioners can benefit from leading to deeper, closer and lasting love between partners.

Powell’s writing is fluid, refined, and engaging.  Readers may find not only their views on lovemaking altered but perhaps their view on life as well.


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