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Review – Sorceress

Sorceress – Even Better than Book 1 in the Series!

Rating: 5 of 5, TMBOA Recommended
David Korinetz

Available: Paperback

After defeating the powerful sorceress Magdalen and stripping her of her power to save their world from the evil Halfling emperor, the small and brave band of Balorian Knights along with the wizard Aldus make their way home to their families.  Unfortunately, the emperor does not give up so easily and soon he regains control of the talisman Aedon they worked so hard to retrieve.  Haunted by his love for the sorceress, Rodney is driven to take his knights once again into harms way to free his once nemesis Magdalen and recover Aedon or all they have worked so hard to obtain will be forever lost.

David Korinetz’s Sorceress is book 2 in the Chronicles of the Daemon Knights.  This offering is even more developed and the action and characters more compelling than in his wonderful debut novel.  In Sorceress Korinetz sets up multiple parallel story arcs – each one which could have been an independent and compelling story unto their own.  He masterfully weaves in each as the tension builds in each arc to its ultimate climax where all arcs eventually join.  I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.  Korinetz’s writing is further refined and one of my favorite sub stories from the first novel involving the transformation of humans and animals into were-beasts is revisited.  The heros set out to take on the witch Angelina and save their fallen comrade has one wondering how they could possibly take on such a powerful witch and band of powerful were-beasts and come out alive.  This is where Korinetz shines – setting up what should be an impossible scenario involving a rag-tag group of underdogs who must find a way to overcome overwhelming odds.  I’d like to consider myself a fairly creative person but in each and every case where the impossible scenario was setup, I was convinced Korinetz had written himself into a corner leaving no reasonable solution out of the situation.  Not only was I wrong, but I found myself more than satisfied by Korinetz compelling story telling.

My only complaint, is Korinetz ends this book with a huge cliffhanger.  When I finished reading it, I felt the same way I did in my younger years after seeing the end of The Empire Strikes Back in theaters.  I couldn’t wait to see the next movie.  In similar fashion, I have to know what happens next.  The good news is, Korinetz is hard at work on the next chapter of this series.  It’s already on my list…


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Review – FireDrakes

FireDrakes – Medieval Adventure and Sorcery!

Rating: 4 of 5

Author: David Korinetz
Available: Paperback

Thousands of years ago, elves and humans co-existed peacefully.  But as time marched forward, the occasionally coupling of both species produced a halfling progeny.  These halflings enjoyed the extended life and magical powers of elves but also the more violent lust for power from their human half.  Elfin kind existence was threatened and in a bold move, it was determined the only way to eliminate the halfling threat was to eradicate all magic and disenchant all elves and halflings.  Four talisman’s were created to house their magic as it could not be destroyed.  Unfortunately, the spell that removed the elves magic did not eliminate the halflings’ capabilities.  Equally unfortunate was only the halflings could use and harness the power of the talismans.

One of these same talisman’s was used to create the first FireDrake – a melding of a dragon and elf.  FireDrakes were magical creatures with high intellect, practically indestructible, and imbued with magical capabilities.  However, because they were created by a talisman, they were also under it’s complete control.  Those who control the FireDrakes could rule over all.  Intent on doing just that, the evil sorcerer-emperor Gamel manipulates a young halfling sorceress in possession of such a talisman.  Learning of such a plan, a small band of Damon Knights set about to save their kingdom.  They face incredible odds against an imperial army, witchcraft, were-beasts, FireDrakes, and the evil sorcerers.

David Korinetz’s FireDrakes is an entertaining, face-paced novel of medieval knights and sorcery.  Korinetz creates a detailed a fascinating world with carefully crafted descriptions of the peoples and places in this fabled empire.  The characters have great depth and stay true to themselves as the story evolves.  Furthermore, Korinetz creates plausible scenarios where a small group of relatively powerless knights are able to overcome unbelievable odds and obstacles on their march to confront the sorceress.  Creating such a plausible plot is a difficult task for even a seasoned writer and in his debut novel Korinetz pulls this off masterfully.  I especially enjoyed the sections in the novel involving the history of the elves, the use of magic, and the evil witch’s creation of the were-beasts.  I so hoped I would read the transformation from a human to such a beast and Korinetz delivered!

The ending chapters provide a good climax and close to most story arcs but leave room for future installments without frustrating the reader.  FireDrakes is an enjoyable read and fans of this genre will not be disappointed!


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