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Poll: When do you Tweet and the Retweet Experiment

As I’ve already posted, Twitter can be a very powerful tool for building a brand and marketing a product or service.  But tweets are a constant stream of information.  Chances are, if you are following a number of people and they are tweeting all day, you’re likely not going to see or read all of their tweets unless you’ve got them streaming to your desktop all day long.

This means that your tweets are likely not seen by all of your followers for the same reason.  So, there most be a prime time for tweets – when folks are most likely to be on twitter tweeting and reading tweets.

To find the tweet prime time, please take a moment to fill out this simple poll below to indicate your tweet times.

The Retweet

Also, as I mentioned in my earlier post, the retweet is one of the most under rated yet most powerful features of twitter.  In theory, a tweet can go viral and reach thousands of people.  To test this, please tweet and retweet this post (use something like bigtweet to make it easy).   This serves two purposes – it tests the possibility of a viral tweet, and if provides more folks to vote in the tweeting poll which means the data is more meaningful.  Thanks and check back often to see the results!



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Poll – Goodreads

I know many of you are goodreads authors, but I thought I’d check with a quick poll.

Like Amazon, goodreads provides substantial opportunity for author visibility in many of its forums.  More powerful are the popular book “shelves”.  Like tagging, shelves can give an unknown author opportunity to be up there with the bestsellers.

Take the poll below to let me know if you are a goodreads author (if you don’t know what goodreads is, click on the goodreads graphic).

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Poll – How many books of a single title have you sold?

1, 100, 1000, 2500? more?

So a couple of questions I get often are:  how many books have you sold? and how many books sold would be considered successful?

Well, success is in the eye of the beholder.  When I started, I thought I’d be happy if I sold 100 books.  I’ve been fortunate to sell many more than that which for me this was success as I believe most books don’t sell that amount.

My goal is to sell 1000 copies of The Time Cavern.  I’m not there yet, but I can see that it is possible.

A friend indicated to me that success is to sell at least 2500 books whether self published or traditionally published.

So here’s a chance to answer an anonymous poll and see where you fall relative to your fellow authors participating on this site.


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Take a poll about reviewing books…

Feel free to comment on this poll!


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