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Search Function Added!

Thanks to the success of TMBOA, we’ve quite a few books, comments and posts on the site.  I’ve tried to categorize reviews, marketing tips, news, polls, etc. so they are easier to find.  None-the-less, it may be hard to find that special book or comment from a particular author.  Therefore, I added a search function (see right hand column).  Try it out – find your favorite review.  This also makes it easier to find particular posts you might want to share through social bookmarking as I’ve tweeted about.  Remember, the more you bookmark your reviews on sites such as stumbleupon, delicious, etc. the more visibility you’ll have to your work.  Try it out!


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Making the most of Twitter!

What the heck?

I’ll be honest.  When I first looked at twitter I thought this seemed worthless for anything practical.  I saw a stream of updates like “at the mall”, “just watched gunsmoke”, “do you think Obama is good looking”, etc.  How could this ever be useful for networking, marketing, etc?  So I ignored it.  Then it kept growing and many authors I knew were “tweeting”.  “Really,” I thought.  What does one tweet about?

Like anything else, the answer is your tweets must be consistent with the brand you are building.  So if you are a book editor, you tweet about interesting articles related to editing, your services, latest edited book, and so on.  If you are a musician, you tweet about gigs you’ve played, local clubs and their crowds, latest artist news – you get the idea. You might want to even have multiple twitter accounts for the different brands you have – for example you might have a personal account where you are updating friends and family and a professional account for your business brand.  That way folks who are following you professionally aren’t confused by your tweet about the baby’s diaper rash.

How and where to start

As I mention above, decide what your brand or brands will be and open the appropriate accounts on twitter.  But what now?  You’ve got an account but how to connect.

Finding friends

So now it’s time to starting following others and inviting folks to follow you.  The best place to start is your email account which Twitter can pull your contacts from.  However, if you are looking to connect professionally as an author, there are a number of sites on the Internet that will help you connect with potential twitter friends.  Instead of listing the gazillion options for this.  I’m going to list two I’ve found useful (please feel free to comment on this post to add your own).

justtweetit1Just Tweet It

This is a site where you add your twitter info to the directory related to your genre/brand.  If you click on the JustTweetIt bird it will link you directly to the writers/authors page.  Check out all of the wonderful writers and authors and follow some.  To add yourself, click the “hey, click your name to add it to the directory” blue text icon at the left hand part of the page near the top.  Give it some time as this is a long site full of folks to follow.

mrtweet Mr. Tweet

Mr. Tweet is great.  This site will analyze who you are following, who is following you, let you make recommendations, etc.  It updates every couple of weeks and let’s you know what changes it thinks you should make.  Not everything is perfect, but it is a good site to help you wade through the huge twitter universe of users (again, click on the graphic to go there!).

Managing Twitter

For me, what you get on the twitter site makes it less than ideal to manage twitter.  The constant stream of information (especially if you’ve missed twitter for a couple for hours, makes it hard to find tweets of interest).  Therefore, here are two recommendations I have:


Download this desktop program as quick as you can.  This is great.  You can create multiple columns to track whatever you like (specific people, groups, your posts, replies, etc.).  Also, this application shortens URLs so that you can put all sorts of links and not use up precious character counts.  The display makes it super easy to reply and retweet as well.  You’ve love it.

Tiny Twitter

If you like to track tweets on your mobile, try tiny twitter.  It’s fast and simple and has a good interface.  However, happy to hear of other apps that work well on mobiles.  Let me know.

Retweet – The Key To Word of Mouth Success

Make sure to interact with your followers and support their tweets to keep your followers!  So now whenever you post, all your followers are informed and hopefully interested and engaged in what you have to say.  Maybe you’ve led them to a wonderful URL that they’ll appreciate and use.  But the real power of twitter is the potential for “the viral effect”.

Einstein is quoted as having said that the most powerful force in the universe is compounded interest.  Well, the viral effect on twitter is exactly that.  If you have 200 followers and you send out a tweet, 200 followers see it.  But, if they retweet it to their followers – watch out!

Let’s say each of them has 10 followers.  If they all “retweet” your post – now it has reached 2200 people.  And what if each of those people retweet it to their 5 friends each.  Now you are well over 10,000 people seeing your little tweet sending them to some URL, product, or whatever.

Starting to see the practical application of Twitter now?

How do you get folks to retweet?  Well, write good content and ask! Taking my own advice.  Please tweet and retweet this blog article as much as possible (assuming you like it)!

How does one Retweet (RT)

If you are using TweetDeck or most desktop Twitter apps there is usually a retweet option.  Otherwise, if you are using twitter off of their homepage, copy the original tweet, then paste it into your “What are you doing” tweetbox at the top of the page. With the original message in your tweetbox,  insert the cursor before the first character in the original tweet and type “RT @” then click on the “update” command button.

Good luck and happy tweeting!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the related post on when to tweet! Take the poll: Click Here



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TMBOA featured on the Book Marketing Blog Carnival!

For those of you who don’t know about blog carnivals, they are similar to a online magazine, in that they are dedicated to a particular topic, and are published on a regular schedule, often weekly or monthly.

This month, “tag my book on amazon” is featured on the Feb 11 book marketing blog carnival!

For more information on blog carnivals, check out!

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New Year, New Look


So you’ve probably noticed I’ve changed the layout and look of the blog!

I thought since it was a new year (okay, so I’m a month late), I should spiff up the blog with a new look more closely associated with books!

If you like the new look (or even if you don’t), drop a quick comment to this post and let me know your thoughts.


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How To Choose the Best Tags!

Picking Tags…

A number of folks have asked me how to choose the best tags. So I thought I’d post a few pointers that I believe will maximize your marketing opportunity with tags.

The key is to maximize your visibility to your target audience, so you want to pick tags related to your book. However, you also want to pick tags that have active customer communities on Amazon. Othwerwise, you could have the #1 spot in a community no one frequents – so no visibility.

How do you do this?

The easiest way is to start with Amazon’s “Tag Cloud”. What is a tag cloud? Well, it is a graphically representation of the most frequent and recent tags customer’s use. The graphic shows Amazon’s tag cloud as of 17 January 2009. The larger the words in the cloud represent the most frequently used tags. The darker the word, the more recent the tag has been used. For example the tag “Fantasy” is one of the largest and darkest meaning it is used very frequently and has also been used recently. Clicking on this tag takes you to the “Fantasy” customer community.

Amazon Tag Cloud

Amazon Tag Cloud

Here you will find over 1000 discussions in this group, many of which have had activity within minutes and hours. This is a very active community and imagine your book is #1 here. In every discussion group, your book’s picture would appear in the upper left hand corner – wow, that’s visibility.

On the other hand, if you go to the “Amish” customer community, you’ll see there are only 2 discussion groups which have little activity (days since anyone posted a reply). However, “Amish” is also a very specific community versus fantasy, so while infrequent, this still may be an appropriate target.

My suggestion is to explore the customer communities you think may be appropriate for your book by either clicking on the tag in the tag cloud OR by searching on your tag using the “jump to tag” box in the upper right hand corner of the Amazon tag cloud page.

For Amazon tag cloud click here!

I hope this was helpful! Please feel free to comment.


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Reviews – Posting Changes!

I’ve decided that after each new review, I’ll not only include them on the “reviews” tab, but post them on the main blog page as well.  This will provide some visibility for each for these authors on the  home page and also make it easier to find the reviews as the blog grows!

So to catch up, I’ll post each of the existing reviews immediately.

Next up for review, Gary Val Tenuta’s “Ezekiel Code”.

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Latest Review Posted and TMBOA reaches milestone!

Sudden Death…

I’ve reviewed Michael Balkind’s Sudden Death (4 of 5 stars).  If you like golf, check it out on the review page!

2500 and counting!

We’ve added over 40 authors and have recently reached the 2500 hit count!  Thanks to all who are participating and helping out your fellow authors!

Don’t forget to check out the recently added “Tag Other Books” page to gain huge visibility on today’s bestselling author’s Amazon pages – for free!

As always, check out the latest additions and Tag those books!

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