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End of “Tag My Book on Amazon”…

Almost three years ago in June 2008, my first novel – The Time Cavern – was published.  I quickly learned after the writing and editing, it didn’t matter how good my book was if no one knew about it.  I read books and blog posts and spent time on Goodreads and other social forums to try to understand the keys to book marketing.  That same month, I stumbled upon Amazon’s tagging feature and the “customer communities” that go along with it.  Once I saw that books were ranked on those pages based solely on their tag count, I emailed a friend and he emailed a friend and we mutually tagged each other and saw our books rise immediately – the idea for this blog was born!

Who knew that three years later, there would be over 170,000 views of this site, over 1800 books tagged, and that I’d write over 90 book reviews of authors participating here!

This blog has been a great example of how folks could unite to help one another.  I’ve “met” a number of you through email and other correspondence and as result created lasting friendships which has been the most rewarding part of this experience.  I’ve also been exposed to books and genres I know I would not have otherwise read had it not been for all of you.  I’ve come to learn that there are many many excellent books out there and have found the indie experience to be refreshing compared to mainstream predictable reads.  So most of all I want to say thank you.

Thank you for the help.

Thank you for the experience.

Thank you for sharing your work with me.

And thank you for your friendship.

However,after many emails with friends and recent communication from Amazon regarding tagging, I’ve decided to end “Tag My Book on Amazon”.  The intent behind this site was to leverage the tools Amazon provided to bring visibility to our books.  If you read the requirements I placed on tagging, I only allowed those tags which one could easily see corresponded with the description of the product.  I would not allow “great book” or other subjective terms because one would not know this unless one read the work.  So this was never meant to be a “shill” site for fake reviews or fake takes, but rather one where folks used tags to appropriately categorize a book based on its description.  This is why I required that book posts include a description of the work.  I believed this was consistent with the intent of tagging as described on Amazon while using the feature to help raise a book’s visibility.  Ultimately, sales and a book’s reception would still depend on the quality of the book itself.

However, Amazon has recently confirmed that it is their interpretation that use of tagging communities such as this are not following the terms of use of the tagging feature.  As a result, I do not wish anyone to be inadvertently penalized by participating in something I created.   I do not know what type of action Amazon could take, but I would hate to see anyone suffer any negative consequence from my actions.

If you would like to continue tagging, there are other boards that have this feature, such as this one:,22473.0.html

Finally, I will continue to write reviews for folks who contact me and as time permits.  I’ve started a “Review My Book on Amazon” blog but know it won’t create the same sense of community we’ve all built here.

Once again Thank You all!


Todd A Fonseca


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