Book Review – The People’s Treasure

The People’s Treasure – Ushering in World’s End

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author: Edward C. Patterson
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Having believed Nick Battle to be lost forever in The Dragon’s Pool, the china hands from Italy, China, New York and San Francisco find themselves inextricably brought together after experiencing separate supernatural events.  Is it possible to repair Nick’s fractured chi and bring him back to the mortal world or will their actions instead usher in the end of the world?  Conflicting warrants and logic versus loyalty battle it out in this fourth installment in Edward Patterson’s epic Jade Owl series.

In The People’s Treasure Patterson’s engaging style and unique voice once more entertains readers with this fantasy series.  Weaving together important questions of the human condition – learning to live with loss, doing what feels right versus what might seem logical, putting family first, following a higher calling –  along with an epic fantasy involving supernatural relics, this tome moves along quickly holding the readers interest.

Parallel stories between Rowden Gray’s American team and the Chen family’s fall from grace in China eventually converge.  The concluding battle for the future of the world and Nick’s soul sets up the final installment in the series Under Her Hem.  Fans of the Jade Owl Legacy will find this a must read.


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