Book Review – Cyber Writers and the Zebra of Life

Cyber Writers – An African Adventure Tale for Young Readers!

Rating: 4 of 5

Author: Karen Kostlivy
Format: Paperback

Being a pen pal is fun and young Mason Witt joins a group called Cyber Writers to connect with other kids around the world.  One day, however, he learns from his African friend Lutalo that his village is dying due to the theft of their magic Zebra.  Wishing he could some how help out his friend, Mason suddenly finds his world around him melt away to be replaced by thick forests of the African jungle.  Don’t worry Lutalo – Mason is here – help is on the way!

In Cyber Writers, Karen Kostlivy takes young readers on a fun and entertaining journey to Africa where talking animals and magic arrows help our young heroes track the thieves and save their village.  Mason learns, as should all children, the value of friendship, teamwork, and frankly exercise!  Running through the forest, climbing trees, shooting arrows, all requires strength and stamina and Mason learns his time in front of the TV or playing video games has left him a little soft unlike his African friend.  He also learns that his exploring adventures to be much more fun and rewarding than anything he experiences in front of a television.

Kostlivy has created an interesting premise in Cyber Writers.  One that I’m sure lends itself to future interesting volumes for young readers to enjoy.


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