Review – Run for your Life

Run For Your Life – Alligators and Seniors: A Surprisingly Charming Story!

Rating: 4 of 5

Author: P.B. LaSalle
Format: Paperback

Having witnessed the brutal alligator attack and subsequent death of his best friend, Anthony Lucas devoted his life to understanding their habitats, behaviors, and interactions with humans.  Years later, Lucas – now a doctor – travels the world both studying and lecturing on the dangers of cohabitating with these animals.  Recently, some strange goings-on in a Florida mobile home park for seniors have drawn the attention of the residents as well as Dr. Lucas who comes to both investigate and educate the park’s members.  What is in store for all is mystery, adventure, and even possibly – romance.

P.B. LaSalle’s book Run for Your Life took me a bit by surprise.  Given its title and opening chapters, I thought this would be a bit of an action adventure B-movie type of novel with a crazed alligator terrorizing a mobile home park.  Instead what I found was a charming story of senior residents and the culture surrounding their Florida lifestyle.  There is the lonely but helpful widowed handyman missing his departed wife, the attractive but self conscious woman struggling to manage the affections of two men, the world traveling famous doctor, the couple always meant for one another but never together, and so on.  The presence of an unwanted alligator in their mobile home park is the catalyst that brings all of these personalities together.  But the story is really about the residents – their struggles, their desires, their lifestyles, and the relationships that grow and evolve with the events that have drawn them together.

Run for Your Life is a charming story to be enjoyed as a quick vacation read.  You’ll connect with its characters while wondering what could happen to one or more of these lovely people as the wayward alligator threatens their community.


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  1. P. B. LaSalle

    Hi, Todd!
    How are you? Do you have a different email address? Looks like you have been busy. I am half-way through the sequel to Run For Your Life which is now on kindle. I wish you all the best with your latest endeavor. Hope you have a FABULOUS New Year. Pat

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