Book Review – The Crown Conspiracy

The Crown Conspiracy – A Rollicking Good Fantasy Tale!

Rating: 5 of 5, TMBOA Recommended

Author: Michael Sullivan
Available: Paperback, Kindle

With no particular affiliation to crown or guild and known for their cunning and creativity, medieval thieves Royce and Hadrian specialize in accomplishing tasks others would believe impossible.   Forgoing their usual background checks and thorough planning, they take on a what appears to be a simple heist and what they believe is ultimately a good deed.  Unfortunately, their kindness lands them accused of murder and suddenly they find themselves at the center of a conspiracy for the crown. Their actions will not only determine their own fate but that of their land.

Michael Sullivan’s The Crown Conspiracy is a rollicking good tale.  Sure, it is a fantasy novel, but it will most certainly appeal to a very wide audience.  At its core, it is just great story telling.  Filled with intrigue and a fair number of twists and turns, Sullivan weaves the tale such that the reader is drawn through a wonderfully engaging experience.  The main characters, Royce and Hadrian are well crafted with a wry sense of humor and, though they are thieves, have their own code of honor which many of the royals of their day could learn from.

The world Sullivan creates through beautifully descriptive passages quickly draws the reader in.  I especially enjoyed the character’s journey to find an ancient and powerful wizard held captive for a thousand years.  Finding and penetrating a very uniquely crafted prison and the events the subsequently transpire showcase Sullivan’s creativity.

While the first in a series, The Crown Conspiracy is a complete and very satisfying offering.  I’m already reading book 2 – Avempartha and book 3 Nyphron is on my kindle waiting it’s turn!



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