Review – Circles of Mercy

Circles of Mercy – Fargo Meets Witches of Eastwick

Rating: 5 of 5, TMBOA Recommended
Author: Gerry Bacon

Available: Paperback

George Bogart was indifferent toward most folks in the small town of Glaston, Michigan.  He preferred the serenity of tending his garden over the chit chat most folks enjoyed.  His new neighbor Mercy Horstman was nice, though a little different, and was often seen around the town trailed by her many cats.  George was rather indifferent to cats as well that is until he came upon Mercy’s prized “Precious” destroying and relieving itself in his garden.  Well, nothing a little shot to the head wouldn’t cure.  And the next thing you know, Precious used up her nine lives and George’s garden was safe from further destruction.  But Mercy was no ordinary neighbor and soon not only George but many of the town’s folks learned the true meaning of the phrase “what goes around comes around”.

Gerry Bacon’s Circles of Mercy is an unassuming treasure of a read.  In the small town of Glaston, he creates a unique set of down home quirky characters whose insights into the world are universal though displayed in almost caricature like fashion.  Ironically the one person who stands out as different in the town – Mercy – is in reality likely the most “normal”.

The banter between many of the town’s folks are hysterical.  There’s an entire sequence debating why a meeting’s notes are referred to as minutes and who Robert was from Robert’s Rules of Order and why anyone should be following his rules anyway.  This novel begs to be made into a movie by the Coen brothers.   It’s a wonderful cross between Fargo and Witches of Eastwick.

Run out and pick up a copy today.  You won’t be disappointed.  This is a unique and entertaining read that will have talking about it around the water cooler.  One of my favorites this year.  Enjoy!



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