Review – Evil Moon

Evil Moon – I Feel The Bad Moon Rising…

Rating: 4 of 5

Author: Harrison Ray
Available: Paperback, Kindle

Called to the scene of a third teenage girl attacked in Hoffman Nebraska in less than a week, Davis Veoh approached the area with caution presuming the perpetrator to still be near by.  Though a veteran officer, Veoh found himself taken aback by the blood and gore he found, the girl’s throat and face mauled as if by an animal.  By some miracle, she was still alive, her breathing labored.  After paramedics arrived and worked to stabilize her, Veoh and his partner Roscoe searched the area.  What Veoh wasn’t prepared for was what he later learned.  This latest victim was not just another town person attacked, but his very own daughter.

Somehow, someway, she survives and against all odds stuns medical science by recovering faster than anyone would expect through some type of infection altering her DNA.  Though happy his daughter has survived, Veoh soon learns that her fate may be worse than death as the local killings multiply and rumors spread about whether some type were beast may be responsible for such grotesque murders.  In order to save his daughter, Veoh must be open to the supernatural and hunt what cannot be killed.

In Evil Moon, Harrison Ray weaves a complex web of intertwined lives in a small Nebraska town.  Told from varied perspectives, we learn about the politician wannabe who has searched his whole life to find meaning and relevance, the single divorced mother who has given everything for her child leaving nothing for herself, the single patrolman who will stop at nothing to save his daughter, the gang member searching for belonging, and the undercover FBI agent who must live a lie in order to serve the greater good even if it means estrangement from his family and friends.  Soon an evil infects all of their lives – some choose to embrace it for their own gain while others fight it to save their families.

I enjoyed Ray’s first novel, especially the first 2/3rds of the book which is steeped in character development.  The latter part of the novel turns to non-stop action in the Colorado mountains in a race against time that Veoh must win or lose his daughter forever.  There are a few story arcs left open (perhaps for a future offering) and perhaps the suspension of disbelief is really pressed near the end, but overall Evil Moon is a good fun read.



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