Review – The Constellation of Omens

Constellation of the Omens – End of the World Visions

Rating: 3 of 5

Author: Deborah Simpson
Available: Paperback, Kindle

Haunted by visions of the end of the world, author Deborah Simpson’s clairvoyance provides a glimpse into a possible future if the warnings in these visions are not heeded.  Simpson provides the reader with a detailed description of events and signs that portend the end.  Some are incredibly detailed in nature specifying location and date.  But is there any hope?  Can this end be avoided.  Simpson offers up ways in which our doom can be stayed.  These suggestions primarily involve our relationship with one another and with God.

Simpson does not try to convince readers that her visions are in fact real.  She sites no instances of where her a prior visions have come true.  She rather offers them up for what they are – signs of end days.   Therefore, this is not a book for skeptics as they will surely not be convinced of anything and would likely write off these assertions.  The book must therefore be taken on faith much like prophets of the past.  So those who agree with Simpson’s way of thinking will find very chilling tales of what is to come.

Overall it is difficult to rate this book for this reason.  The book itself is well written and cogent.  I imagine readers will polarize on a rating giving the book’s content.  Given I have a healthy dose of skepticism but did resonate with some of the more universal themes occasionally presented, I’m rating it a 3.



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