Review – Soul Intent

Soul Intent – The Sequel Delivers!

Rating: 4 of 5

Author: Dennis Batchelder
Available: Paperback, Kindle

1946 Nuremberg German – Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering faces the death penalty for the atrocities he has carried out in the name of Nazi Germany.  After learning of “Soul Identity”, Goering makes arrangements to have his entire ill gotten gold fortune bequeathed to his soul line for retrieval by future soul carrier.  In the present, Soul Identity overseer Archibald Morgan discovers that Goering’s gold has been stolen.  In order to solve this mystery, Morgan once again turns to Scott Waverly who must recreate the actions of those taken in 1946 in order to uncover the secrets held at the highest level of the company.

While Soul Intent is the sequel to Soul Identity, this offering by Batchelder is much different from the first.  The backbone of this story centers on Madame Flora and Archibald Morgan’s early days with Soul Identity on how each of them made choices to further their causes which they have had to live with for over fifty years.  Batchelder takes the reader on an alternating journey through 1946 Germany and the present day as events of the past unfold through actions in the present. He brings back some of my favorite characters from the first book including, Scott, Val, Archibald, Flora and her granddaughters all who must journey back to Germany to once again find and retrieve what has been stolen.  I also found it interesting how Batchelder wove in Waverly’s discover of his own soul line and how intertwined he and the others at Soul Identity have been throughout time.

If you liked “Soul Identity” you’ll find this an even richer and more entertaining chapter in the series.



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2 responses to “Review – Soul Intent

  1. This book looks great. It is going on my to read list!

  2. Your words, “choices to further their causes ” resonates with my own dilemmas at present. Wonder if the author was making a statement about this need/issue some of us have on a more conscious level than others. Nice review.

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