The Time Cavern – Second Edition – Now Available!!

Ridan Publishing Edition – Now Available

I’m pleased to announce, that after signing with Ridan Publishing, the second printing of The Time Cavern is now available!

The Time Cavern - Second Edition

The Time Cavern - Second Edition

This new version has been completely reworked and includes a new cover, new layout, great graphics, teaser chapter and is cheaper than the first version!

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Here’s what readers are saying:

“The Time Cavern introduces us to what might just be the most original time machine concept ever – not to give anything away,
but if you’re a nut about time-travel, this is worth for that alone.”
— Eric D. Knapp, author of Cluck
“Todd Fonseca’s book is an adventure story that both kids and adults will love.”
— Shannon Yarbrough, St. Louis
“Charming is the only word I can think of to describe this book. The Amish element, the two cute kids, their families, the old barn, and, of course, what they discover in the woods is a compelling blend.”
— Sandy Nathan, California
“The mystery of The Time Cavern is clever, well-thought out, nicely researched in its details, and leaves me wanting more. I would love to read more of this story, so I hope a sequel will be forthcoming. Very well-written & highly recommended to readers of all ages!”
— Rai Aren, author of Secret of the Sands
“While reading The Time Cavern I was totally transported back to my childhood when I was an avid reader of both the Hardy Boys mystery series and, yes, even the Nancy Drew mysteries. Those books were great back then and Fonseca has captured the essence of what made those books great and has brought that essence
forward in time for today’s young readers.”
— Gary V. Tenuta, author of The Ezekiel Code
“Todd A. Fonseca’s “The Time Cavern” is a fantastic read for
children and adults alike. ”
— J.R. Reardon, author of Confedential Communications


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