Review – The Anna-Mae Mysteries

The Anna-Mae Mysteries – A multicultural supernatural adventure!

Rating: 4 of 5 for 9-12 year old readers
Author: L.S. Cauldwell

Available: Paperback

Summer was over and Anna-Mae Botts dreaded the return to school and the start of 7th grade.  Along with her brother Malcolm and best friend Raul Garcia, they slowly trampled their way through the school yard.  Suddenly, they find themselves the audience of a ghostly disembodied black fist blocking their way.  The fist delivers a message to them, one they don’t quite understand at first but none-the-less starts them on a mysterious journey-a journey which leads them on a search to solve one of the greatest mysteries of the civil war–the location of the final resting place of Jefferson Davis’ lost confederate gold!

In The Anna-Mae Mysteries, The Golden Treasure, LS Cauldwell has created an educational multicultural adventure and supernatural mystery.  I was reminded of the 1985 movie The Goonies where a group of ostracized young kids go on an adventure for lost treasure.  Cauldwell does a wonderful job at integrating the everyday issues and pressures that multicultural kids face today – bullies, stereotypes, clicks, prejudices – into an engaging story featuring wonderfully developed and colorful chartacters.

I especially enjoyed how Cauldwell weaved civil war history as a major plot vehicle for the children to use in order to solve the location of the missing gold.  In this way, the author both educates and entertains.  I look forward to the next Anna-Mae mystery.



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