New and Easier to track Tag You’re It page

First off, thank you to all the author’s who have joined and are participating in the Tag My Book on Amazon experiment!

Because of it’s success, we recently added the UK page!

However we have found the original page to now be too long and frankly a little intimidating especially for new folks.  So, I’ve reformatted the “Tag You’re It” page to:

1. Highlight the latest months additions so that new folks get tags straight away!

2. For all other books, they are now listed on links based on the month they were added.  This helps break up tagging for new authors and also helps us folks who have been around for a while keep track of what we have and haven’t tagged.

Let me know what you think of the new page!



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34 responses to “New and Easier to track Tag You’re It page

  1. Hi Todd,
    Love the new set up. It is a lot easier and faster to get to the books I haven’t tagged yet.
    Kristin Callender
    The Truth Lies in the Dark

  2. Hi Todd, Thanks for the great site! I tried to add my titles on the “Submit your books” link but am not sure if they took because I got dumped and the link is not working now. Is the site down, or is it me? Thanks, Jo Moore

  3. Hey Jo, looks like your items got caught in the spam filter. I’ll add the info on the site here in the next couple of days (hopefully sooner – lot’s going on!)

  4. Thanks Todd, I appreciate that. Can’t wait to get listed!! I tagged all the May titles yesterday—fyi, I use a profile “nicname” for all my Amazon feedback, so please don’t dump me thinking I’m not participating!!
    Hope you get caught up on your work. Jo Moore

  5. Hi Todd –
    Thanks for inviting us authors to participate in your experiment. If my book (Afghan Journal, A Soldier’s Year in Afghanistan – is any indication, this approach works! I submitted the book last month and am already seeing better visibility in search results at Amazon.

    There’s clearly strength in numbers. I’m happy to return the favor for others – there’s strength in numbers. Thx again – Jeff Courter

  6. Todd,

    This is a great idea, and it works. Thanks to the tags I’ve received in the last few weeks, THE CHOSEN FEW is now the first-listed product in the Boston community–right ahead of the band BOSTON’s first album 🙂 Thank you.


  7. Hey Todd et al!
    First, congrats on your fantastic blog site, Todd. I’ve always enjoyed it but it’s filled with more and more interesting information every time I check in.
    The new tag page is great, although I always just started at the bottom and worked my way up until I got to the book I had obviously already tagged, little boxes already checked. A very hearty welcome to the UK authors!
    A note to new taggers: Please don’t stop tagging as you get to the older archives of books to tag. My book was among the first, and recently I’ve noticed a big slowdown. Think of it this way–we taggers that have been around for awhile are the most reliable, and are the ones SURE to tag yours! 🙂 I believe I’ve tagged every book here.
    Happy Memorial Day to all, and best wishes.

  8. Richard Jay Parker

    Hi Todd,

    Great new set up!

    Will continue tagging everyone’s books.

    STOP ME is looking good on Amazon UK and Com.

    Thanks to everyone.

    Richard Jay Parker

  9. Thanks Richard – glad it’s working for you!

  10. Thanks Leann! For those of you who haven’t tagged Leann’s book – please do so (The Starfish People). Also, pick up a copy – it’s one of the first I read and reviewed on the site – very very good!

  11. Hi Todd, thanks for making this so easy. Part of the problem in coming back each month was trying to figure out where I left off because I want to tag everybody.

    By the way, I’m really enjoying The Time Cavern and will post my review as soon as I’m finished the book. But great job! Wow.

    Fatal Encryption
    Taxed to Death

  12. Hey Debra, I’m glad you like the new set up! Also, thanks for the kind words regarding “The Time Cavern” – I’m looking forward to your review!

  13. Just stopped by to see if there were some more books to tag,, yep,, found them..
    Thanks again to all. This is working great for me too.
    My book ” I just want my Daughter back – coming to terms with Bipolar 1 ” is moving way up on the listings… YEA !!
    I’m Happy Tagging..

  14. Todd I put my two books, Riders of the Spew and Riding the Florida Time line right here in this block but I’m not sure you received because they didn’t show up above. I’m making a lot of mistakes but am getting better…not making mistakes but not making as many.

  15. Leann

    Robert Lee–I saw your message and went ahead and tagged your book, Riders of the Spew. I’ll tag the other when it’s posted. Good luck!

  16. Okay, I tagged the other one, Riding the Florida Time Line, too. Got to keep up with the flow!

  17. Robert,
    Both books are now up, listed, and tagged by me!

  18. Todd, I may be confused, but I submitted my book and then tagged a bunch of books (also created a search for them as well in that feature) and no tags have been added to mine. Also what is the protocol, do I just keep tagging the books that are the front page? Am I going to get one tag or one for each book I tag or what? This seems like a great idea. I really want to support other authors, I’m happy to keep tagging, but not sure how to proceed…

    P.S. Plus my inbox is getting flooded. How do I turn off the “send comments to my inbox”?


  19. Hi Kat,
    Thanks for supporting the site. I just updated it with your book. To answer your question, each author on the site should be tagging your book just like you tag their book. However, not everyone is as diligent about tagging and over a few weeks you should have somewhere in the 40 to 50 tags if I had to guess.

  20. Okay everyone, lot’s more books added to tag for August – thanks for continuing to support your fellow authors!

  21. Todd, Being new to this idea of tagging and a bit overwhelmed by the virtual world I’ve stuck my toes into, I messed up my first attempt at it. I entered my book A rock by Moon World, put in the title, my name and the blurb then hit “submit comment” without entering any request for tags. I put in another comment in a vain attempt to correct this. Can I delete the previous entries and start over? If so How? I’ve already tagged a bunch of other authors from the July section.
    Best Regards, Harden Taylor

  22. Harden,
    No problem – just resubmit everything with your requested tags!

  23. Hi Todd!
    I submitted my novel ‘Education, Edukation, Edukashun,’ some time ago, but it’s not yet appeared in ‘TagYou’re It.’ Did you receive my submission?

    Kind regards,
    James Rainsford.

  24. Hi James – yes I did receive your submission and it is on the Tag You’re It page When you open the page, hit cntl-f and search for education, it will come up some ways down the page.

    For all new posters – I’ll be updating the website this weekend with December submissions. I also am thinking of changing the archives to possible 9 months instead of a year since our volume on the site has increased so much. Those authors that are still active after 9 months I will re-post.

    Stay tuned for a new review this weekend as well “The Constellation of Omens”.

    Finally, I’m reading Lycan’s Evil Moon – that review will come in a couple of weeks.

    Happy tagging everyone!


  25. Hi Todd,
    The new set up is great. It is a lot easier, faster and fun to tag and at the same time help one another. I am caught up on the tags.
    Thanks Everyone For Your Help.
    R. J. Peters
    Revenge is Mine

  26. Tamara Rose Blodgett

    Todd, what a great service you are doing for authors, THANK YOU !
    After tagging months worth of books it is painfully apparent that people here are NOT doing their tagging duty. Several had as little as 19 tags! Any way people can be held accountable for at least a couple months worth? Thanks, T

  27. Amanda Taylor

    I am new here and I don’t know how to tag other author’s books. I can get to the “tag you’re it” page, but I don’t know exactly what to do or if I’m doing things correctly. I just joined the site last night and submitted my book and I tried out the Time Cavern; my book may not even be posted yet. I clicked on the cover and clicked on a few tags on Amazon and the book came up in a group. Is this how it’s done? If not, please let me know because I don’t want to be accused of not participating. If you or someone could please give me a step by step walkthrough then I could knock this out. I am going out of town for the next four days so I may not be able to get to it immediately, but I’ll start next week.

  28. Hi Amanda,

    So here is the process for tagging:

    1) Log in to your Amazon account
    2) On the “tag you’re it” page, go to a book and in the “tag’s requested section” copy the tags listed (I usually highlight them all and then to a ctrl+c
    3) click on the book’s image (I usually open a new tab on my browser when i do this) – that should take you to the book’s amazon page.
    4) scroll down to the Tags Customers Associate with This Product section
    5) there should be a “your tags” followed by a box to type tags – i paste ctrl+v what i copied from the “tag you’re it” page
    6) then click the “add” button and that should be it!

    Go back to the tag you’re it page and continue on for the other books. also, don’t forget to do previous months (there is quite a list, do a few a day, once you get them all staying current isn’t too bad if you stop by once or twice a month)

    Good luck!

  29. Mike Brecon

    Thanks for all your help.

  30. I’ve read all your pages here and have gone to Amazon and still can’t see how a non-author who wants to support an author tags a book! Can you please give clear, simple instructions that actually work, for someone who has never done this before?! I’m an intelligent, computer-savvy person, but am also a very busy person. Make the HOW-TO-to instructions REALLY CLEAR and SHORT AND TO THE POINT, and put them right at the top where people can find them!

    Also, be sure they actually work. I tried to follow your instructions just above in response to Amanda and went on Amazon but there’s no “Tag, You’re It” page there, and when I do a search for “Tag, You’re It,” all I get is a bunch of books with that for a title! And yes, I have bought lots of books on Amazon and am registered there.



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