Review – The Third Peregrination

The Third Peregrination  – The Relics Re-awaken

Rating: 5 of 5 TMBOA Recommended
Author: Edward C. Patterson

Available: Paperback, Kindle

After vanquishing the evil empress Wu Tze-t’ien, Rowden Gray and Nick Battle believed the Jade Owl to be forever tamed.  But both are wrong.  One year has passed and Nick receives an artifact, an opal ring, which awakens these ancient relics.  Once again The Jade Owl and Joy of Finches are drawn to one another but this time things are much different.  Interacting with a silken banner depicting life of long ago China, they unlock a hidden message.  Learning this banner is one of seven sisters, they set off on an adventure to find the remaining sisters and solve yet another China mystery.

However, it is not only the relics that have changed, but Nick and Rowden as well.  Something is happening to them.  Haunted by dreams and mental glimmers which direct their path forward, they soon realize they are not just solving a mystery but are carrying out an ancient prophecy – a prophecy which could destroy the world.

In The Third Peregrination, Edward C Patterson continues The Jade Owl series.  This installment brings back the wonderful characters introduced in the first book but also offers some new comers including Rowden’s ex-wife.  These characters add to the adventure by providing appropriate emotional conflict and story arcs to augment the driving fantasy mystery they are to solve.  Where the first book was more cerebral and even paced, this 600 plus page novel really amps up the action and fantasy elements.  As always, Patterson’s accomplished technique and writing style are spot on.  His characters are real and descriptions vivid.  Similar to the first novel, I enjoyed the historical fiction and cultural lessons imparted throughout this novel.

This is the second of a multiple book series and while the ending is completely satisfying, Patterson introduces the thread which teases at the next installment.  The Third Peregrination is a great read – 5 stars!



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