Review – A Lifetime of Deception

A Lifetime of Deception – An Intriguing Military Murder Mystery!

Rating: 4 of 5

Author: P.J. Grondin
Available: Paperback, Kindle

Unwanted and given up at birth, Becky Lippert moved from foster family to foster family suffering verbal, physical, and sexual abuse until she decided to take matters into her own hands.  Blessed with a keen mind and killer looks, Becky finds she has a talent for quickly putting any man under her seductive spell.  With these assets, she leaves “home” in her mid teens and begins life as a grifter, conning young military servicemen out of their life savings.  She had the perfect crime and what she thought was the perfect payoff and Becky was sure she could forever lead a life of deception.

Unfortunately, dead bodies begin to pile up in her wake and Becky begins to search for a way out.  Meanwhile the government quickly finds a pattern of crime against it’s own and calls up Joe McKinney to active service to help solve the crime.  A battle tested marine, Joe works with his brother Pat to piece together the clues to the identity and whereabouts of the mystery woman conning these men and those responsible for their murders.  But will they find Becky before the trail gets cold or will they fall victim to her and her accomplices’ plans?

P.J. Grondin’s A Lifetime of Deception is an intriguing military murder mystery thriller.  Grondin’s own experience as a former submariner aboard the USS John Adams clearly comes through as he describes the duties, assignments, recreational activities, dress, hygiene, and habits our nations servicemen and women.  I especially appreciated getting a glimpse into the emotional balancing act one must manage regarding one’s duty to country and one’s family responsibilities.  For someone to target and take advantage of these heroes is a travesty.  All Americans should ensure that as our nations’ heroes protect us oversees we should likewise protect them against any individual or group that would stand to gain by exploiting them while deployed.

A Lifetime of Deception is the second novel featuring Joe and Pat McKinney.  In these brothers, Grondin has created characters we all can related to.  They are flawed human beings with questionable pasts and occasionally struggling relationships but who, none-the-less wake up each morning committed to improving their and their loved ones’ lives.  I look forward to reading the first novel in the series A Lifetime of Vengeance.



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