Poll – How many books of a single title have you sold?

1, 100, 1000, 2500? more?

So a couple of questions I get often are:  how many books have you sold? and how many books sold would be considered successful?

Well, success is in the eye of the beholder.  When I started, I thought I’d be happy if I sold 100 books.  I’ve been fortunate to sell many more than that which for me this was success as I believe most books don’t sell that amount.

My goal is to sell 1000 copies of The Time Cavern.  I’m not there yet, but I can see that it is possible.

A friend indicated to me that success is to sell at least 2500 books whether self published or traditionally published.

So here’s a chance to answer an anonymous poll and see where you fall relative to your fellow authors participating on this site.



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3 responses to “Poll – How many books of a single title have you sold?

  1. Bill Flynn

    Hi Todd,

    Actually, I only sold 572 books of, The Feathery, title so far. Publish date November 2007. Through Amazon. about half and the rest at book store signings….My first title, A Deadly Class Reunion,
    …the numbers sold were even more deadly…Both are good books…both suffer from lack of promo & distribution.



  2. Hi Todd,
    I joined in the poll, but it is only guesswork.

    Ferryman has been out in the world for less than three months and although I know how many I personally have sold, and how many other friends have actually bought it from on-line suppliers, I don’t know how many readers might have bought it on spec from Amazon.

    I am thankul for your help in promoting and creating visibility through your various schemes, and hope one day to see those figures soar. :>)


  3. Carole,
    Thanks for the continued support. Your book is in the queue – can’t wait to read it!

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