Review – Numenon

Numenon – A Collision of Native American Mysticism and Corporate America

Rating: 5 of 5, TMBOA Recommended

Author: Sandy Nathan
Available: Paperback

Leading Numenon, the largest and most powerful corporation on the Earth, Will Duane carries a secret.  Haunted for years by the memory of his demanding and verbally abusive father, Will compensates by driving for ever greater success at all costs.  Ethics, faithfulness, relationships, all take a back seat to his overriding lust for power.  But the success he achieves leaves him empty.  Forever stalked by a dark presence creating a pall over everything in his life, Will finds solace by retreating within himself by physically punishing his body through excessive exercise.  Nearing exhaustion, something special happens.  A heightened state of awareness occurs through a glowing column of light beginning at the base of his spine.  Will achieves what mystics call – Kundalini – here he is safe; here is where he finds peace; here is where he finds answers.

From his lean-to in remote New Mexico, a Native American shaman-known by many names but by his followers as “grandfather”-senses the gathering of evil.  It will be at the annual gathering of his spirit warriors, simply called “the meeting”,  where this darkness will descend and collide with grandfather’s spiritual forces and the corporate power of Numenon.

In Numenon, national award winning author Sandy Nathan takes the reader through the parallel journeys of two very different worlds – that of corporate deals and greed juxtaposed with that of Native American Indians on the reservation.  Alternating between these two realities, Nathan explores each of the characters histories – their lives, choices, and experiences which have led them to the present conditions.  Nearing the spiritually charged ground where the meeting is to occur, each of the characters feel the intensity of what they are about to experience and each must choose their path forward.

This is the first book in the Bloodsong series by Nathan.  Those expecting a tidy closure to all of the plot’s elements will instead find a continuously building pressure cooker leading to a climatic meeting of forces to be resolved in future volumes.  This is a very enjoyable read and those interested in mysticism and Native American Culture will thoroughly enjoy Numenon.

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