Overwhelming Response to the Beta Test!

Wow, a number of you posted to be considered on the beta test for the Amazon search experiment.

I expanded the number to 15 but wanted to cap it there to make sure this works first.  I don’t want to waste everyone’s time if it doesn’t.

I’ve heard it takes up to a week for these requests to be processed and many times they may be rejected if the reason is too promotional.

Apparently a good reason for a search term is something simple and straight forward.  For example, for the search “time travel” the reason might be “because this is a book about time travel”.

So for the 15 authors on the beta test site, please visit each of the other authors books and keep track of how long it takes to either get your submissions approved or rejected.  Add a comment to this post with the outcome or send an email to me.

Once I compile all the information, I’ll write a new post and upgrade the site to take more submissions.

Thanks all!


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