How to hit #1 on Amazon Search – Beta Test!

What is Amazon Search?

So now that you have conquered tags and you are in the #1 place in your customer community created by your tag, what’s next? Clearly, tagging provides huge visibility if you’ve chosen an active customer community as discussed in the post “how to choose the best tags”. But what if you have a book that doesn’t have an active community associated with it? Or what about those Amazon customers who don’t even know about customer communities?

Likely many folks who come to Amazon try to search on the main page as if they were on Google. Say a customer wanted to find the best books in the “chick lit” category. They might just type in “chick lit” and search from the main page not even knowing there is a “chick lit” customer community. What would they find? Take a look.


The first books a customer would find would be “Mommy Tracked” and “Miss Match”.

However, in the “chick lit” customer community which ranks books by tags, the results are different showing the top two books as “Remember Me” and “Love The One You’re With”.


So how do you get to the #1 spot in Amazon searches?

This is where another option related to Amazon tags comes in to play. Let’s use Elise Chidley’s book “Your Roots Are Showing” to illustrate.

your-roots-are-showing-3After opening this books page on Amazon, scroll down to the tag section. Note our focus now are not the tags themselves but the section circled in red called “Tag if for Amazon Search”. Underneath this section, there is another area circled in red called “What would you suggest”. Click on the word “suggest”.


This will open a new page where you are requested to enter two items:

  1. “When someone searches for…” in the next box one would type “chick lit” as shown.
  2. Then you must fill in an explanation “Why this product is related to chick lit” in the box below.


One then clicks the “preview” button and follows the instructions from there.

More work than tags, but potentially bigger pay off

So this is certainly more work than tagging, and you can’t enter multiple search phrases at the same time. It also requires the user enter an explanation supporting the search phrase. Finally, the entry is not immediate and goes into a “pending review” from Amazon.

Call for volunteers to help with an “Amazon Search” experiment

So I’m looking for 10 authors to help experiment with this Amazon Search function. Similar to tags, the author should provide their books’ Amazon link, and one requested Amazon Search phrase. This may be similar to the tag, but consider how a customer would search on Amazon. My book, The Time Cavern, is juvenile fiction, but I’m going to experiment with the phrase “books for boys”. Check out the new tab, “Search My Book”, and submit your request there. To participate, you must agree to fill in the Amazon Search requests of the other nine authors who I will post there.

If this works, I’ll expand the program. Thanks all!



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8 responses to “How to hit #1 on Amazon Search – Beta Test!

  1. Looks like a winner compared to the abysmal attempts I’ve made to promote my book, including all the blogs!

    Michael Parker (The Devil’s Trinity)

  2. I would like to participate if you have not filled the quota, Todd. My book is Make a Joyful Noise and is on the tagging page. Would really love it if folks would tag the first four tags specifically on my tags. I am so close to being on all the first pages of these tags. And that is my aim. Please let me know what you would like for me to do to be a participant in this test. And I will start suggesting searches as I tag from now on. I have completed the tagging a couple of days ago, but I am sure you keep adding more books so will check and do the whole enchilada from now on.

    Thanks, blessings, Chariss

  3. Todd,
    I’d like to join in, but it’s my understanding that a person is limited to a certain number of suggestions (at least, I am out of my quota for suggesting searches for my own books)

    Does one’s allowance reset for different books? And, is there a limit of searches per book? Or only per person for the same book?

  4. Bill Flynn

    Hello Todd,

    Tagged all ten except Time Cavern & Harbinger of Doom…I taged those before & a tag there would take one away. The Amazon tag monster knows all & sees all. Let me know the results of your experiment.


  5. I’d like to be a part of the Amazon Search experiment. My latest mystery is Perfect for Framing

    I’ll go to Amazon and do this for The Time Cavern now.

  6. I think you are doing wonderful things with Amazon. Thanks for including me.

  7. david thompson

    How in a rational world is it possible that reading over 12 pages talking ABOUT tagging your book, one cannot find a single blurb, page, link nothing that says “How to tag your book?” Not why, not which tag, not blah, blah blah. Just “Here are the simple 5/4/3/2/1 steps to put a tag on your book.” help please.

  8. Hey David,
    Go to your Amazon page for your book and write a tag in the box under where it says tag this product. It’s located under customer reviews. Tags are helpful for when someone searches for a type of book. Please tag mine

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