Review – al-Qaeda Strikes Again

Al-Qaeda Strikes Again – Could it Happen?

Rating: 2 of 5

Author: Bill Binkley
Available: Paperback

In twenty cities throughout the United States, al-Qaeda members have infiltrated society. After altering their appearance and taking everyday jobs within their communities, they await the signal which will trigger a catastrophe more horrific than September 11, 2001. On the other side of the world, in Islamabad Pakistan, US operatives recover a list of these twenty cities during a raid in a known terrorist camp. But what to make of the list?

Though thwarted by her boss, Rennie Jordon – a low level government data analyst in Dallas Texas – begins to put the pieces of the terrorist puzzle together. Working with Wayne Kirby from the FBI, they soon identify some of the al-Qaeda operatives. Unfortunately, this success comes with a price as they both become targets and find their own lives in danger. Will they complete the puzzle prior to when the catastrophe is scheduled to occur, or will al-Qaeda take them out first?

In al-Qaeda Strikes Again, Bill Binkley offers an interesting premise but the execution of the novel unfortunately falls short. The characters are one dimensional and are in need of greater development. Also, the first half of the book lacks any significant dialogue; couple this with the extensive use of passive voice and the result is a novel that reads like an FBI case file leaving it difficult for the reader to become engrossed in the story. Once the dialogue picks up mid-way through, it reads rather flat and unnatural. While there were interesting elements to the story and the actual terrorist plot may be plausible, I found too much of the novel unrealistic to fully appreciate the central theme.



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