Tag Other Books!

An new opportunity…

So this site began by having your own book tagged by others with specific tags to gain visibility in the customer communities created by those tags. Here at “Tag My Book on Amazon”, we’re always looking for new ideas to gain some market visibility. So we’re going to turn the tagging process around. I’d like to thank John Paul Carinci for this suggestion.

The idea is to choose 4 or 5 popular books in the genre of your book and add the name of your book as a tag and/or your author name as a tag. For example, someone searching on Harry Potter would like at the tag list and see your books title or your name as one of the tags and perhaps wonder why so many folks would add your books title as a tag to such a popular title – viola – instant marketing! Also, don’t forget to add your own book to the list.

So add feel free to submit the following if you’d like to join:

1. The 4 or 5 books you are targeting

2. The 1 or 2 tags you’d like folks to add to those books

3. Tag the books as requested by others to help each other out

Thanks (see example for my book below and please tag as requested!)


Tag Requested For Each of the Books Below

The Time Cavern

Please click on each of the title’s below which will take you to their Amazon Page, then add “The Time Cavern” tag to each!



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2 responses to “Tag Other Books!

  1. Todd Fonseca I tagged your book.

  2. Todd,

    I tagged your book and your name on the book sites you chose above.

    Also, tomorrow I will send you “Becoming Alice, A Memoir” for review.

    What great ideas you have!!

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