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What is Tagging?

Do you know what tags are and how to use them to your benefit?

Should you care about tags?

The answer.



Visibility – plain and simple.

Our shared story

Like any author, you’ve spent months, perhaps years writing your novel. Hours of writing and re-writing, conversations with your editor, discussions over format and typesetting, more editing, self doubt, cover design, back blur, reviews, placement, on and on. Now it’s published but how do you get that visibility that will translate into book sales? You may have written the next Harry Potter but without marketing how will anyone know? Even if your book is in brick and mortar stores, it’s likely you’re not getting prime placement on an end cap – so you have to hope someone spots the spine of the book, pulls it off the shelf, reads the blurb and decides to buy. Lots left to chance in this scenario with over 80,000 books published a year.

Online, Amazon is king.

The Holy Grail – bestseller lists or maybe the “movers and shakers” list. Tough for any author to hit especially with over 5,000,000 books on Amazon. And if you hit the bestseller list, well, you really don’t have to worry about visibility. What about the other 4 million plus books out there?

The key – book “tags”. Continue reading


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Tag My Book on Amazon featured on Lulu Book Review

In the news:

Check out the interview and feature of this website on Shannon Yarbrough’s book review website: Thanks Shannon for all the support.

Coming soon – I’m working on a video which will demonstrate tagging. Also, I’ll be highlighting some of the more popular tags and what you need to do to maximize your success when customers start to apply filters to their searches on Amazon.

Stay tuned…

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